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Friday, July 3, 2015 | 0 vending machine(s)

2-3 days ago, i forgot.... anyway, i cleaned my bedroom. i spent like a whole 4 hours dedicated to put my things on the right places, including the trash can and storage room.

i rearranged my bookshelf. 70% manga, 20% novels, 5% magazines, and 5% school books lel.

and i've realized that i've lost some, of my manga. i don't actually care(or even aware) about oneshots manga, especially the romance one. but the thing is i lost one of my precious collection. a manga series which contain of 5 volumes. all gone. and it was like... 2010 manga or something and i've never seen it again in the bookstore. it's I am Here! series by Ema Tooyama. i had them since i was like, 6th grade and it was one of the first romance manga that i read. and i liked it.

and i remember one of my junior high friend that i've never met for months borrowed them.

and i'm pissed:)

pissed because of her, and because of myself, because why the hell didn't i note down people who borrowed them.

for sherlock holmes' sake manga is expensive, and i just lost like 10 of them.

the good thing is they do not like shounen or seinen genre. they only choose the sappy romantic manga, so basically my until death do us part, d.gray-man, pandora hearts, etc are safe. but my romance genre manga is absolutely not.

and once again, i'm pissed:)

this is why i have trust issues.

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